Important Documents

Congratulations!  If you are reviewing these documents you have most likely spoken with one of our workout specialists and are moving towards a solution.  If you haven’t spoken to a workout specialist yet, we applaud your enthusiasm and initiative, but we request that you please contact a workout specialist before sending in the documentation below.  We like to speak with our borrowers and understand their situation on an individual basis before simply looking at the numbers.

Your workout specialist should have provided you with the documentation below, but we understand that papers get misplaced, and emails get lost.  If this is the case, you can contact your workout specialist for another copy of the documentation, or download the forms below.

In order to develop a plan for you, Guss Investment Group requires that these documents be completed and returned to us.  Please return the documentation within the time frame provided by your workout specialist.  Unreasonable delays or incomplete documentation can cause frustration, or worse, escalation of your file to our legal department.  Your workout specialist wants to work with you, be sure to give him the tools to do so!


Financial Questionnaire (Required)
The Financial Questionnaire is the key piece towards Guss Investment Group understanding your situations by the numbers.  Be sure to completely fill out these pages.  Your workout specialist will also request a number of supporting documents to validate the numbers presented in this questionnaire.  While every situation is different, you can see a list of the types of documents typically requested.  Any agreement we may reach is contingent on you providing honest and accurate financial information.  If something turns out to be wrong or misleading your workout specialist may be required to forward your file to the legal department for action.  If you have any questions about the Financial Questionnaire please contact your workout specialist promptly.

Authorization to Release Information (Required)
The Authorization to Release Information allows Guss Investment Group to access certain information including key information regarding other Mortgages or Deeds of Trust on your property.  While Guss Investment Group can access this information without the above form, we believe that borrower consent is important to developing a strong relationship.  We required that all borrowers provide us with the completed form above before any agreement can be finalized.  Failure to provide this form may require your workout specialist to forward your file to the legal department.  If you have any questions about the Authorization to Release Information please contact your workout specialist promptly.

Authorization for Third Party Contact  (Optional)
The Authorization for Third Party Contact gives Guss Investment Group written authorization to speak in depth with someone not included on the Mortgage or Deed of Trust.  Often times our borrowers want to have their child, sibling, spouse or friend speak on their behalf in order to aid in communication and understanding.  In other instances borrowers elect a broker, agent, or attorney to speak for them.  In all of these instances Guss Investment Group requests that the Authorization for Third Party Contact be completed and sent to us.  Many times your attorney, broker, or agent will supply their own authorization that we can accept, but if they do not then we request that they fill out the above form.  If you have any questions regarding the Authorization for Third Party Contact please contact your workout specialist promptly.

Requested Supporting Documentation (Informational)
The Requested Supporting Documentation gives a brief description of the various documents that your workout specialist may request to verify the information in your Financial Questionnaire.  The exact documents requested will depend on your unique situation, please contact your workout specialist if you are unsure which supporting documents you need to send.

Notices and Information (Important!)
The Notices and Information document provides special notices and information regarding Guss Investment Group and some of our actions.  Be sure to read this document.

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Important Documents
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